Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

L O V 3

how can't you bored about fashion? of course there's no 'bored' word for fashion. but of course you want to know something else. fashion is not the only thing than keeps you alive in this crazy polluted world. we're going to talk about the most complicated, abstract, up and down thing,

ain't it weird? you faced love in your life. you can't live without love. without love, you're not exist. without love this earth will be different. let's imagine the world without love. we'll imagine it ourselves. i'll give you ten seconds...

so? what did you see? personally, i can't see anything. i can't see my mom and dad together, i can't see my sister, i can't see weddings, kisses, i can't see anything. well thanks to God, who creates feelings and love for us. i'm very thankful for that. don't you? a lot of people had heartbreaks. i was, a long time ago. but i realized that LOVE is one of million reasons to live. i'm might be dumb, but i'm not stupid. i have feelings. everybody has. i wanna be someone to love, i wanna have someone to love too.

you can connect love with fashion. you can wear something lovely, sweet, and heart icons for your shirt. look, i'm not really good at this, i really want to share with you guys about love. i don't know a lot about it, but i'm sure i'm gonna find out more about it soon as i grow up :)

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